Your LDS Ward and Stake Directory - on your iPhone!

iStake syncs directly with to retrieve an always up-to-date ward and stake directory, including email addresses, phone numbers, names of children, and a complete ward and stake leadership directory.


The church has kindly asked that all third-party developers cease interacting with as of Sept 29th, 2011. The only app that will work as of this date is "LDS Tools" (provided by the Church). iStake, iWard, and ALL other third party apps that interact with will cease to function on this date. For this reason, iStake and iWard are now -FREE- applications. Both will be removed from the App Store completely the end of September, as requested by the church. We appreciate the support we've received from the LDS community over the years, and encourage you to take a look at some of our other apps that we think you'll find useful (such as Mr. PhoneTree).




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